What am I upto at the moment

Why does Now matter?

because that is the only thing I can control!

What I am working on Professionally?

  • Obtaining a better knowledge in Operating-System level Containerization

    • Software Tools/Frameworks/Utilities:
      • docker, docker compose, runc, containerd
      • qemu
      • Build automation tool GNU make
  • Improving and learning more about Operating Systems / Hardware Resources

    • Golang CLI
      • Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go by Ricardo Gerardi (Pragmatic Programmers)
      • The Go Programming Language by Alan A.A. Donovan & Brian N. Kernighan (Addison-Wesley Professional)
  • Gettings hands dirty with Infrastructure as Code / DevOps fundamentals

    • Software Tools/Frameworks/Utilities:
      • Hashicorp Packer, Vagrant
      • RedHat’s Ansible
      • GitLab CI/CD

What I am working on Personally?

  • Understanding and improving myself on a personal level by reading about Stoicism
    • Improving upon slow-paced and meaningful reading
    • Currently Reading: The Symposium by Plato

If I had more than 24 hours a day?

  • Improve my indoor bouldering ability (more endurance and strength training)
  • Get back into Climbing
  • Revise Spanish